Funding your new premises development

With the increasing emphasis on delivering more integrated and improved services locally in primary care settings, it is even more important that NHS GPs procure modern, purpose-designed premises which are fully accessible and comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards.

For many years, new build NHS Primary Care buildings have been funded by either:

GPs developing their own premises with bank or private finance

A Third Party Developer (3PD) providing a concept to completion service, including funding

NHS Capital projects procured directly by NHS staff using Government funding

Over the years, the fragmented nature of funding for NHS secondary, primary and community care has often stifled integration of services. This need not be the case.

With an ever increasing need to maximise NHS resources, if the anticipated vision of an integrated NHS primary care service is to be achieved, a more integrated and innovative approach to premises funding has to be adopted.

You may wish to procure a new building for your own core GP services but, at the same time, might also need to accommodate a range of additional and enhanced services, delivered by different healthcare teams, for the benefit of the wider patient community.

Commercial uses such as shops, cafés or even, residential use, can often be included to improve financial viability and affordability for the NHS.

We are also open to joint venture projects or co-ownership with GP partners, and whilst we are primarily a 3PD Company, we are always happy to consider alternative structures for the delivery of your development project and its long-term ownership.


3PD Partner


GP Partners


Other Healthcare Providers


Commercial Use

Our approach is to be entirely flexible, and to work with you to consider the best funding option or range of options, to ensure the success of your development project.

Innovative funding options to meet today’s challenges

Flexible approach to leases, tenure and funding, including joint ventures, co-ownership and buy/leaseback options.

We work with CCGs, GPs and GP Federations to offer bespoke funding solutions to facilitate every development.

Talk to us to see what funding solution would be right for you